Immigration & Naturalization

Dealing with Immigration matters goes far beyond the preparation and filing of required forms. Jeff Bronson’s knowledge of constantly changing government requirements can help the immigration process go smoothly. Through continuing education and the use of up to the minute publications, Mr. Bronson keeps abreast of changes as they occur.

  • Visas – Family/Business Based.

  • Permanent Residence Applications.

  • Adjustments of Status.

  • Detention/Deportation.

And Remember we also offer General Law Practice 

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Debt can be stressful.  Numerous collection calls day and night, arguments with family members over money - this is not a healthy way to live.  Before you liquidate your retirement funds to pay bills or allow your home to go into foreclosure, contact Mr. Bronson to discuss your options.

And Remember we also offer General Law Practice 

Whether you are adopting a child in the United States or from Overseas through an agency, Mr. Bronson can assist with the legal preparation and necessary court appearances to help you through this happy event. His extensive knowledge of immigration law can also be helpful in answering your questions regarding the adoption of a child from another country.


If you have gotten injured in any type of accident you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

  • Slip and fall.

  • Automobile Accidents.


This area of specialized law is an area in which Mr. Bronson has helped landlords and tenants for years. It is important that you have representation to protect your interests as either a landlord or tenant.

  • Preparation of Leases.

  • Termination Notices.

  • Collections after Eviction.

  • Representation in Court.


In the event of a confrontation with the police or another individual, it is crucial to have representation in court.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, it is advised that you discuss your case with

an immigration attorney to determine how your municipal or criminal case will

impact on your future immigration processing.  Mr. Bronson's concentration is on 

the area of Immigration Law.  Contact our office for a consultation prior to 

appearing in court.  Mr. Bronson is able to handle your municipal court case and 

advise you of the impact this case will have on your status in the United States.



  • Expungement of a criminal conviction can give you a fresh start.

  • Conviction records do not go away with time.

  • Action must be taken to expunge your record.

  • Legally seal your criminal record.


Sometimes marriages dissolve. In the event that you are having marital problems, call Mr. Bronson. He will listen intently and advise you of your options, while making sure your rights are protected.


Whether you are buying or selling a home,  condo, apartment or commercial property, having an attorney to assist you in the transaction is very important from negotiation of the contract through closing.


Properly drafted documents can make an unfortunate situation less difficult for your loved ones so that your wishes are known and carried out.

  • Preparation of Wills

  • Preparation of Living Wills

  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney

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